Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hello friends. Winter has arrived again...
The wood shed is full, house is prepped, weather stripping updated, windows insulated, etc...

2014 was a busy year. I haven't stopped to take a real honest break and I'm sure lots of you have been in the same boat. Since the Cabin Fever Challenge I've produced over 40 youtube videos and about two months ago I got over 1000 subscribers.

Some good and bad stuff happened this year but it was mostly good. Gungeek and I had a falling out over something silly that had to do with Mosin Nagants. He didn't like a video I produced and went on a public campaign blah blah blah... I still don't get it, in either case it's time to move on.

 Another bad thing for 2014 was over politics and power. The RCMP reclassified the CZ-858 and Swiss Arms as prohibited under the firearms act. That really burned my goat.... The Conservatives countered with the 'Common Sense Firearms Act' which was designed to give firearms owners some relief from a little red tape but wasn't any where near the type of change needed. Then the Liberals came out and said Bill C-42 constituted a danger to Canadians and lied through their teeth when they said that. Everything is still up in the air!

The honest truth is that 2014 certainly wasn't boring when it came to the Firearms Act. The GOOD part of all this is that a LOT of Canadians have woken up and started to pay attention to what is going on in Ottawa. I have never seen firearm owners more politically active than in 2014 - and the year isn't over yet.

We have also witnessed Canadians under attack on our own soil. Specifically (so far) it is members of the Canadian Armed Forces. November 11 2014 saw witness to members of the RCMP studying the crowds for jihadist terrorists - loaded and ready. Canada is now a theatre of war. Canadians are greatly saddened by the loss of CPL Cirilo and WO Vincent however what the enemy doesn't understand is our history when faced with adversity. Did Britain give up after the first Nazi bombs started to fall on their cities? No - it strengthened their resolve as a country in a manner no one (especially the Reich) expected.

2014 has also helped us to better understand the character of our political leaders. Many of them remain in denial of Canada's place in the world while our Prime Minister continues to lead from the front and, unfortunately, often alone.

The entire world seems captivated with Kim Kardashian and her heavily photo-shopped posterior while we continue down the slippery slope of economic bankruptcy.
No one cares... No one makes a fuss... We continue on in denial as those in power drive western civilization further into a cesspool of debt and financial despair. I'm forecasting 2015 to continue a trend of more protests, race baiting, riots and civil unrest.... What a downer - so keep prepping and training!

You will continue to see more videos similar in nature to the SHTF Enfield video in 2015. These videos will mainly focus on commonly available platforms that we can more easily afford in a financially unstable environment.

 Until then have a very Merry Christmas full of family and cheer and a Happy New Year. Mrs Riflechair and I will tip our glass of bubbly to you and yours. In either case here is to a better 2015. CHEERS!!! Just for fun I'll leave you with my most recent video...