Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 Service Rifle Competition - Terrace

RULES and CONDITIONS: 2012 Service Rifle Competition - Terrace

Video is STAGE TWO  100m -- Barricades (20 shots total)
Terrace Rod & Gun Club - RSO (Me)
Serial 3 - 20 shots
Type of Fire: Snap
Rate of Fire: 2 shots / exposure (1 from window -- 1 from ledge)
Number of exposures: 10
Time Limit: 15 seconds / exposure
Scoring: V, 5, 4
HPS: 100-20V
Distance: - 100 meters
Position: Modified
Target: 1 X 12/59 C
1. The relay will start in the standing 'low ready' position behind the shooting barrier
2. Once all are ready, the command "Watch Move and Shoot" will be given;
3. Upon the sounding of a short whistle blast the shooter will move to the window, engage the target with one round then move to the ledge and engage the target with one round.
4. A long whistle blast is the indication that the allocated 15 sec time period is over;
5. Shooter will then re-assume the standing 'low ready' position and wait for the next short whistle blast;
6. Only 2 shots at each exposure can be fired.
7. If for some reason 2 shots are not fired during an exposure, make up shots at another exposure are not allowed.
  1. Safe transition between shooting positions;
  2. Quick re-acquisition of sight picture;