Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Obama's Republicans

Are Liberal Democrats within the Republican leadership calling the shots? The way I look at it they’re not even hiding their allegiances – and have essentially exposed themselves…

Have you ever seen the Republican Party side with Democrats to defeat the Republican Presidential Nominee front-runner? The Republican National Committee has essentially declared open war on Donald Trump. Why would they do this? Is it because the lobbyists can’t control him? Is it because the Republican National Committee can’t control him?

The rhetoric and blatant lies going back and forth is just insane. So what’s the story? What’s going on? I have an idea…

The Republican Party (also known as the ‘Grand Old Party’ GOP) has been supporting Democratic ‘Golden Eggs’ for years… Ever since George Bush was the US President, Republicans have been providing more and more support to Democrat initiatives. February 2012 polls conducted that 20% of Republicans would vote for Obama. I looked up the list of Republican Senators, Congressmen and Governors that endorsed Obama as President in the last election and the list was astounding! ASTOUNDING! They even voted for Obamacare? Why?

It took me about 15 minutes of research to find out why this might be happening… Now I’m Canadian so I may have a different view on this than most Americans might because of something that occurred in Canadian politics many years ago.

In the late 80’s Canada’s Conservative Party went through what I think the Republican Party is about to go through… In 1987 support for the Conservative Party of Canada TANKED and a new right-wing political organization called the Reform Party of Canada was born. These were traditional conservatives that split from the Party because in their opinion the Conservative Party was no longer holding itself to conservative principles and wide discontent and neglect from Canada’s Western Provinces. By 1993 they had amassed enough support to represent a real alternative to the Conservative Party of Canada and in 1997 they became the Official Opposition Party in the House of Commons. The party went through several iterations before combining forces with the Conservative Party of Canada and winning the Federal election in 2006.

Before conservatives could rebuild 20 years of Liberal Power was guaranteed. A lot of pretty terrible stuff occurred during this period. Freedoms were under constant attack and the military was decimated.

This is what happens when a National Party fails to remain consistent to its values and traditions. Right now the Republican Party is repeating the mistakes that Canada’s Conservative Party did in the 1980’s and it will either result in
1.     The continued ineffectiveness of the Republicans in American Politics, or
2.     A splinter group will break from the Republicans into a new national right wing party. This will divide right wing politics in the USA and hand victory to the Democrats;

Right now the Democratic Party is laughing at Republicans all the way to the White House – again….   Is the Republican Party even Republican anymore?

If I were you I’d have a strongly worded meeting with Obama’s Republicans and read these agitators the RIOT ACT before it’s too late. It is obvious that Republican Conservatism is under attack from within its own Party.

Your party has been compromised. 
You need to fix it before it’s too late

As for Trump?
Obama’s Republicans seem to openly hate him
That has to stand for something right?

As a Canadian on the outside looking in – I’d say Trump should probably be your Republican Nominee.

Obama’s Republicans seem to really like Ted CRUZ.
But what do I know eh?

Cheers and as always