Sunday, January 27, 2013

If I were to build the new Canadian Ranger Rifle

If I were to build the new Canadian Ranger Rifle I would do so as follows however, I would modify the platform I present to you in this video in three ways:
1. Barrel profile would be reduced from heavy to medium heavy
2. Barrel length would be increased from 20" to 21.75"
3. Fixed front sight installed and a Lyman type vernier adjustable aperture receiver sight installed (removable).

I compare the philosophy of use of the new Ranger Rifle to that of the Ex-Soviet Com Bloc sniping rifles used from WW2 to modern day. 'Area shooting' VS 'Surgical Precision Shooting' philosophy of use.

  • The beginning of the video goes into some detail around the Mosin Nagant model 91/30 PU Sniper, quality assessment and general surplus rifle investment advice;
  • The video then transitions to a comparative analysis of the PU Sniper and the proposed new Canadian Ranger rifle might look like and a discussion around philosophy of use;
  • The end of the rifle goes back to the PU Sniper as the author tries not to embarass himself shooting at an 8" gong at 200m in the standing position. Ammunition used in the PU Sniper is Czech Sellier & Bellot surplus 148gr corrosive ammunition.
The video is viewable in HIGH DEFINITION 1080P