Friday, July 26, 2013

2.5 minutes in the life of Riflechair

Working on the Coast of North West British Columbia

Norinco Ammo Sucks?

Testing an Accuracy International magazine for function in a Remington Tac 700 in 308 Win. So I dumped ten rounds down range not really paying any attention or worried about marksmanship. Using crappy Norinco steel cased green box 148gr FMJBT. Then I looked at the target.

Tikka T3 Lite Battue 300 WSM Pro's and Con's

There are compromises made when you choose a short barrel lightweight rifle chambered in magnum calibres. This Battue has a 20" barrel and is chambered in 300 WSM. As such there is an associated loss in velocity and increase in felt recoil. This video discusses those pro's and con's of the Tikka T3 Lite Battue.  After some reflection I think this rifle should really be dedicated to establishing zeroes with light to moderate weight bullets. 150gr to 168gr projectiles of good quality that can be driven HARD may be best suited for this rifle. The 200gr bullets tested in this video are likely not appropriate for this little fire-cracker. I have more work to do with this rifle and I'm going to start with some 150gr BARNES TTSX bullets.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Uncha Lake - British Columbia

To find Uncha Lake
1. Go to Burns Lake (Hwy 16)
2. Turn South onto Hwy 35 until you arrive at Francois Lake
3. Proceed to the Francois Lake Ferry (all inland ferries in BC are free of charge)
4. As soon as you exit the ferry turn east onto Uncha Lake Road

15 minutes later you're there.
You also have Binta Lake, Takysie Lake and a whole lot more to explore - all in close proximity to one another.


BC Highway Cam - Francois Lake Ferry Terminal