Saturday, January 11, 2014

Riflechair's CABIN FEVER Challenge

20 Rounds
Distance to target 100 metres
Upon timer start - advance 5 metres to the firing point and engage your target

5 rnds - standing
5 rnds - kneeling
5 rnds - prone
5 rnds kneeling

All positions unsupported
Any bolt action rifle (unlimited)

5 points / shot on a 8 inch diameter circle
bullet strikes that cut the perimeter of the circle count as hits
bullet strikes outside the circle are misses

points on target
--------------------------- X 100 = score
time in seconds

Have results in by February 28th 2014. The winner will receive a very rare and collectible Canadian Ranger sticker.

Gentleman's Honour Factor applies
Must post #bullet strikes on target, time in seconds and tabulate final score (I'm not doing your math!).

Man Alive - these milsurp Swedish wool pants make me look fat..........
PS: No I am not using the log to support the enfield. All positions must be shot unsupported.

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Competition Closes February 28th 2014
Post a link to your video!